Five Steps to Building a Brand Identity for your Podcast

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Are podcasts still popular? Simple put yeah, yeah they are. There was survey conducted that essentially tells us that there are 1 billion podcast listeners every week. Want a piece of that pie? I can personal vouch that I listen to 3 podcasts. I probably listen to about 1 to 2 episodes a week doesn’t sound like much. However, with podcasts I find once I’ve plug my ear phones in and click play. I’m strapped in for a good hour listen, and not going anywhere.


Think about holding someone’s attention for an hour, that’s crazy long. You would never be able to hold a IG followers attention for an hour, your lucky if you can get them to stop scrolling or even look at your post for a minute! So podcasting is a win for holding someone attention. But how do you get someone to want to listen to you in the first place, that the hard par.


A little head up that this episode is going to help you build a brand identity for your podcast. I get it you’re probably in the mists of working out how to even start a podcast. All that technical mumbo jumbo that is involved with podcasting. Your probably thinking I need to brand it as well?! My answer is yes. I mean you could not, but If you want to attract the right listeners. Make a big impact in podcasting and have consistent growth. Then yes, you really do need to build a brand for your podcast. And luckily for you I have you cover with 5 simple easy to follow steps to building a brand identity for your podcast. Nothing to loss but save time by making few mistakes for future you to have to correct. No worries what type of podcast you’re launching or already launched I’ve got you covered.



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Tip 1. Positioning Your Podcast


Firstly you need to decided where your podcast is going to sit within your brand. What I mean by this is your podcast going to be your brand focus, the main source of your income? Or is it more of a brand extensions of your original existing brand that you might already currently have in place? Before we can build a brand identity it’s best to know where your podcast show is comfortable position within your business and brand landscape.


For example if you take Jenna Kutcher, Jenna is has a personal brand identity. She offers courses, product and has a blog etc. She also hosts her own podcast called the Goal Digger podcast. This podcast is close knit alongside her personal brand. She is her brand, and the podcast is an extension of her brand. With a brand extension it should look closely related to your brand look of your original brand, with some minor differences.


So before you start building a brand strategy for your podcast. You need to position it, where you best see fit. To help you know if it’s your whole brand or a brand extension, a good question to ask is. Have you already started a online brand and are you now decided to add podcasting to it? Because then it would be a brand extension, but if you’ve decided to go into business make an income solely through your podcast first and foremost then it maybe your whole brand focus. For majority of you listening it probably a brand extension.



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Tip 2. Know your audience


The best place to start is focusing in on who your audience is. Focusing on who your audience is early on, makes a strong foundation for building a podcast brand. You may already have a brand identity in place, if this is the case for you probably already have a good idea on who your ideal audience is.


However, for your podcast branding you’re ideal listeners may have slight differences from your original ideal client or customer profile. Usually these difference do not lie within the type of person, but within the problems, fears and desires that they hold. For example, Myself I offer brand identity services, both of my ideal clients and listeners are both small business owners who want a brand identity. However, my ideal podcast listeners are slightly different, they are solopreneur’s who don’t have the current money to invest, who want to start a business and build a strong and healthy DIY brand with little mistakes as possible. They hold similar qualities but definitely have different issues that they are facing. By having a focused ideal listener you can have a clear message and build a space where your listeners know that they truly belong!



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Tip 3. Mission + Vision


Maybe you’ve already experienced one of those podcasting day where you just not inspired to record a new show, and you sit there twiddling your fingers wondering “wait why am I doing this?” Developing a podcast show can be tricky but with a mission it can answer that question and keep you on track every time you feel doubt surfacing.


So first make sure to know know you’re own personal why? Why did you want to start this podcast? There isn’t really a right or wrong answer here, but just be 100% honest. Then think about what do you hope your podcast will do for others? Your podcast should be bring value to your listeners, make sure to identity what kind of value you are providing. What sort of topic and value will you be covering? Then lastly how you’ll accomplish this all? Once you have all three questions answer re write it into a gripping mission statement. Remember that your podcast mission statement is just as much for you as it is for your ideal audience.



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Tip 4. Podcasting Voice Approach


Before you set up your microphone and hit record. Make sure you have a podcast voice. Now if your new to podcast, your podcast voice will evolve and pivot the more confident you get and come more naturally. But, we’ve all at some point said “I hate my voice” or “Do I really sound like that?” Heck that’s what i thought after recording my first episode. But the reality is being self-conscious about your voice actually prevents you from starting. And we need to remember that in reality there is not right way to sound when creating something. Plus the more you practise and talk over and over again you’ll find your sweet spot.



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Tip 5. Podcast Visual Design


Lastly but importantly your podcast needs a visual brand identity. The main visual for your podcast is the cover image. The cover image is basically like an album cover, but for your podcast. This cover should be aligned nicely with your brand strategy and in keeping with what your podcast topic is about and tone of voice. Don’t, please don’t feel the need to include a huge image of podcast microphone, unless your podcast is about building podcasts! The chances are you show isn’t about that. So make sure you create the cover image to encompasses what your show is really about.


Remember depending on your podcast positioning you might have some original brand guidelines to follow when designing your cover image. If this podcast is a brand extension then, I think it’s perfectly fine to introduce a few new element maybe another colour to your original palette and a font to your collection. I would also recommend creating another logo design for your podcast too. The cover image is basically a very small square, therefore you want it to be catchy but also readable and memorable! A podcast logo is a great way to do both and present it in this cover image square. Plus your listeners will become familiar and find it easier to pick you out of a list of podcast shows.


So how do you find your podcast voice before you’ve starts? I say focus more on the way you intend to talk. Create an approach for your podcast voice. Do you want to be seen as the expert or the friend or actually may you’re a hybrid of the two?


To do this you can create a clear outline on how you intent to approach this. To be show your expert knowledge you might back up most thing you talk about with facts and tips with evidence, but to have a more friendly presence you’ll be talking how you would to friend over a bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine. Maybe alway include an anecdotes and or stories to keep audience engaged. Some podcaster like to be more authentic by not edit out any of your stumbling words. So work out now how you intend your podcast voice to come across like? And practice it!



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Start build a brand identity for your podcast today!


Ok so I know your probably in the mists of working out all that podcasting tech stuff. But before you even learn what mic to invest in and audio software to edit with. Take the time to figure out your podcast brand strategy and design. Don’t let a fleeting idea become your podcast strategy, because chances are it will crumble and you’ll lose direction. Do this today sit down and get crystal clear on the positioning of your podcast, who you want to listen, your why and mission, the style of voice you wish to execute and the visual language it should have! Just like businesses, podcasts need to have a brand identity to help you connect and resonate with your audience from the get go. By doing this now you’ll have fewer things to change in the future and hit the ground running with a brand identity today! Not sure how to build a brand strategy for your online business let alone a podcast? Go listen to episode 3 on the brand made podcast learn my 5 simple steps to building a brand strategy.