Benefits To Investing In Your Brand Straight Away or Waiting?

benefits to investing straight away vs waiting

You probably already well aware that your business needs a brand? And we all know that a brand benefits business incredibly well! But are you struggling to know what pathway to choose. You’ve probably wonder or asked yourself should I wait a bit before investing into a custom brand? Or should I launch with a professional brand in place?


Starting any type of business can feel over whelming, and I’m sure this isn’t your only dilemma date. It’s a difficult conundrum, to invest or to wait? Waiting feel like the safer options right not putting money where you mouth is. But, it might surprise you that it also has benefits. However, doesn’t a professional brand help you gain momentum and get you start with a bang? Of course so how does one decided?


In today’s episode I’ll be going through some benefits and disadvantages from both sides of the branding coin. So you can make the ultimate decisions on whether invest straight away is right for you or taking that extra bit of time to wait.



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Who Do You Want To Work With?


The majority of brand designers won’t really want you to know the benefits behind waiting to hire a brand professional. And although they do present some great arguments as to why start with a professional brand can be beneficial I want to draw your attention to the long game of waiting a little.


When you haven’t started or been in business for longer than a month it’s tricky to know certain things about what you want. Especially around your ideal people or person. Obviously, within brand strategy help you articulate who this person is. However, I’m not interested in building a brand for an ideal customer or client that I’ve completely made up for you. You must remember, at the end of the day it’s you working with them not your brand designer.


This leads me to believe that by having hiring a brand designer before you’ve had the chance to work with a minimum of 3 to 5 people. You won’t really of had the opportunity to know who you actually enjoy working with. Plus it unfair for you to invest all that money, jut so your designer can make all the decisions for you on who your business should be attracting. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! In other words I mean start doing business with the people you want to be.



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Benefits To Having a Custom Brand Made From The Get Go


Obviously I won’t deny it, there are some really great benefits to having a well established brand from the start. You are more likely to build momentum online quicker by looking trust worthy through professional design. Therefore, landing more clients and sales. And it can be tricky attracting people to work with before having a brand in place.


It also depending on the type of business you are planning on starting. For example, if you are wedding photographer your ideal customers aren’t going to differ too much as you grow. It’s probably far more likely your photography style will evolve and develop in different directions than your brand keep up with what clients want and trends.


So if you want to wait, there are some alternative solutions such as DIY brand. this is risk free, yes you will have to use some of your time but it will help you get started to hopefully land a few clients or sales. Giving you the opportunity to test the waters.



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Do You Have A Basic Understanding Around How You Want Your Business To Be perceived?


The next possible advantage to waiting is your business values. We have been lead to believe if we are unsure about these values we must hire someone. However, in the beginning of running my owner creative brand studio I had a vague idea on what my values and yes they have changed. Luckily for me I didn’t have to invest more money because I could tweak and or re-brand for free.


I didn’t have a basic understanding around what values I until I started to gains some experience around what I wanted. You may realise after working with a couple of people, there are some things you value more over others. Maybe you realise you are very focused on customer service, eco friendly packaging or quality control etc. By being in business for longer than a month You’ll gain a basic understanding around how you wish to run your business day to day.


So because it is tricky to have all the answers, and brand designers don’t really expect you too. But, we will want and need from you to have a sense around how you want your business to be perceived. It doesn’t have to be in-depth or anything. But to build a brand right for you, it is inevitable we will need some guidance and answers for you. Otherwise if your brand designer is making all your decisions can you still call it your brand?



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It All Depends On How Clear Do You Currently Feel?


However, there are some business that may need no time at all working out what they want to stand for or how they want to be perceived online. This depends on two factors who you are as a business owner. If you are confident in already know exactly what goals, service or product you want to achieve in business and the direction of your business then you might not need to wait at all! Some people just know what they want if you feel clear and confident on this then waiting for you might be unnecessary.


Plus if you are selling something a little more, let say unique. Maybe, a handmade product you might already have a good idea on how you want to present this you just need some to bring to fruition. Actually in this scenario hiring a brand designer before you’ve launch might benefit you more. By not look amateurish and helping you not only present your product in the best light but professional. Is more likely to help you build trust as well as selling at a higher price point.



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Don’t Get Into To Debt For The Sake Of Your Business


Lastly but by no means least is money. Personally for me I hate debt, its a driver for aniexty and suck out the fun from most projects, because you are clouded with fear of it not working out. So I believe waiting to build up a savings pot so you can pay upfront to invest in a brand. Not only does going into debt for the sake of your business lead to stress. You may find yourself second guessing things, there is so much weight riding on the investment you can feel afraid to do it wrong. And instead of build a brand how you want, going along with what others have done to fit in because it feels less risky!


However, I understand the need to get off the ground. My stance on debt hasn’t changed on this one. However, I do believe there’s a different with the amounts. You can definitely find cost effective brand solution to get you business of the ground with professional designs. Plus doing DIY branding isn’t a bad approach, unlike what you may have heard. It may take you longer to attract your people but isn’t a slow pace better than putting some much a risky and having to hustle to harder and harder to make it work? I know which route I would take.



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Your Choice. Who Knows Your Business Better Than you?!


At the end of the day it’s obviously your choice. However, I hope you have some more clarity around whether or not you should invest now with a brand professional or wait a bit. It’s not fair that you feel this pressured just because every tom, dick and sally is tell you to invest. Remember that there are benefits to waiting, don’t feel pressured to do something you aren’t completely ready for. Don’t worry that’s not my nature I’m a big believer that we should grow at our own pace in life and business. Remember you know yourself best, and you know your business best. There are benefits and advantages to both routes, it a case of doing what’s right for you. If you missed have a listen to last weeks episode where I reveal some new and exciting brand updates!