Branding Vs Marketing – Plus Why you Need Both.

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Sometime it’s actually your marketing not your brand identity that not working? In all honestly my lack of skills in marketing did slow my brand growth down. I’ve learnt the hard way that you to gain clients and customers, you can’t have one without the other. It’s possible that you’ve been blaming and editing your brand identity constantly because you thought that was the root problem. When in actually fact, you brand was working great it was just your lack of marketing.


It probably sounds pretty obvious to you right now that you need marketing. But what have you put out there to marketing your brand in the last 7 to 30 days? Not much a few random Instagram posts if that? Some people are under the impression that your branding is the starting and finishing point, that all they need to do is click launch on their brand, sit back and wait for the flood gates of leads and sale to come pouring in. When in realistic, it’s a cycle of marketing material and making your brand visible for people to see and enjoy.


The honest true is you can invest and have the most amazingly built brand for your people, but if your not marketing to get in front of your people. Then they or anyone else aren’t going to know you exists that’s the hard truth. So although branding and marketing do work exceptionally close together to build a successful brand, they are some fundamental differences that I’m going to share with you today. Learn how marketing and branding work together, so you can start generating that consistent flow of leads and loyal customers.



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Introducing Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing do have differences in what there aim is and there approach. However, before we look closer at these differences, let’s refresh ourselves what both really are about.


What is branding?

If you ask what is branding from a group of people you’ll get all sort of answers. But until you actually get to grips with what branding is, then really only then you can actually brand yourself right. You’re brand isn’t your logo, name or colour palette. Alright so it does include those element, but really it more than that. You’re brand lives in the minds of your customers, your brand is actually what your people think, feel, expect, imagine even hear about you. So yes, you’re brand identity will include the visuals and touch points such as name, logo, colour palette and fonts. But these are crafted and developed to present a specific brand present you want to be known for. Really the term branding is everything and anything that involves shaping your brand.


What is Marketing?

The reason we use marketing is to help you get noticed by the right people. Therefore if branding is all about who you are and the more deeper emotional pull, marketing is how do people know you exist and is how you to get your wonderful brand discovered. Let’s put this into clearer terms, it likely you have run or hear about Facebook ads, that’s marketing. But also if you maintain a podcast, blog or youtube channel that would also be considered marketing. If you use social media platforms and Pinterest to promote content that you produce, that is still all marketing! The simplest way to explain it is, all the programs and tools you use to spread your brand message and word out online, with the primary purpose of being discovered and noticed, that is considered marketing.



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Branding and Marketing Difference


Now let’s move on to looking at the differences between branding and marketing. A key difference is branding is moulded through strategy, that include values, purpose, mission, design, voice etc. Where as marketing helps your brand connect to your customers so that they actually look at you. You might be thinking well why do i need a brand id marketings the tool to get me notices? That a good question, your marketing may grab eyes and bring people in, but branding helps you A. attract the right people and B. Help you keep them there! A key reason why you need to have both to create growth within your small business.


A brand is built to not change, people will recognise you, like you and by continually changing you run the risk of people forgetting you. Where as marketing can and does regularly change, to feed on what it is your customer want, what you selling and emerging trends in the market is. Depending on who the target audience you aiming for your marketing will most likely change to cater for the audience.


In more simplified terms, branding is highly focused on communicating your position and how you want to be perceived. Where are marketing is the aim of promoting your product or service, how you get your message out there. Even though your marketing is likely to evolve over time and change, your brand message will stay the same. A great way to think of it is as your brand is the bigger picture long-term picture. You brand marketing is more the smaller tactics, like offers, CTA, sales calls and SEO practices.



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How do they work together?


How they work together, you might be wondering which is more important and which should I take care of first branding or marketing? A brand is considered to be the solid foundation for your business. In article I read it said “If you look at your business as a plant, branding would be its root while marketing is its leaves, flowers, etc.” This is a great analogy if your roots aren’t healthy, than it’s likely your marketing won’t thrive. Therefore you brand identity is significantly important.


First things first is if you haven’t already, got a clear brand identity, you need one. Once your brand identity is intentionally crafted then you can transfer your time and energy into marketing it. This mean creating some type of long-form content and social media strategy etc. However, if you do already have a brand but you feel like you’re message is getting lost in translation. You’re still being asked what is it that you offer or sell? Then you need to go back to the drawing board and focus on re-branding your business. we need to be very aware that yes marketing brings people to your business, but what really makes those people purchase and invest in you, that is all down to your brand.



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Start Using Branding & Marketing now!


By now you should feel so much clearer about what branding is and does and what marketing is and does. Plus how you really do need both working for you to run a successful business. You know that branding is the more emotional pull that can help you build long lasting customer relationships. Where as you marketing just importantly helping you get been seen and heard. Sometime it’s not your brand that the issue it your lack of marketing getting the right eye in front of your brand. I really enjoyed todays episode but if you’ve just realise you need to go a build a brand identity that can be daunting. But I’ve got you covered go listen to episode 3 On The BrandMade Podcast where I share 5 simple steps to building your brand strategy.