Christmas Edition Ep. Bundle

Christmas Bonus Episode Promo


This week I really didn’t want you to miss out on my tops christmasy tips and advice! I know what i’m like if i was told to scroll back to an episode… I probably wouldn’t bother! I decided to publish this bonus episode, yes pre-warning it’s going to be a lengthier than my usual!


But believe me all the ideas and advice I’ve included is so worth it! Originally planed on create a new series of Christmas episode tips but I’d already included so much useful tips in last years that I honestly didn’t know how to better it! plus it didn’t get the listens it truly deserves! So Instead of making extra work for myself! As we all now how long content can takes.


I’ve already put so much effort into them last year they deserve another airing! So In today’s episode we are not just using Christmas for the heck of it but, I’ll be discussing in depth how you can use this season to actually grow your community, boost sales, or just simply helping you get your brand noticed by your ideal people.


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First Part:  Three awesome marketing campaign ideas for you to use and mould to your business at Christmas time.

Second Part:  Into depth tips on how you can festify your brand to your advantage.