Three Ways Design Can Better Our Lives & Business

Three Ways Design can Better Our Lives & Business



In this podcast episode, we discuss three ways that design has improved my life. First, we explore how interior design can create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Second, we look at how strong brand design can make a product more attractive and trustworthy to consumers. Finally, we talk about how management tools designed for efficiency and ease of use can help us be more productive and less stressed.


Interior Design


I’ve always loved interior design and enjoyed watching Studio McGee. However, for me, interior design was more about the look and feel and just a happy pastime of pinning swoon-worthy images to a board. This year, however, I decided to rearrange my bedroom space due to the ongoing untidy state it would always revert back to. No matter how much I tidied, it never really looked tidy. So I took a moment to rethink and work out the areas that just weren’t working for me. I know myself pretty well at this point and I’m the type of person who sometimes forgets to put things back where they belong and will toss my clothes around the room. If something is hard to put away, like a drawer that’s too full, I usually don’t have the time or patience to deal with it.


Functional Space


I’ve noticed a few areas in my room that could use some improvement. And created the following list of problem areas. My chest of drawers was overflowing, so I went through everything and decided to donate or find a new place to store the items that I don’t use as often. Plus, I realised that I was leaving my makeup pads on the floor next to my bed because my bin was too far away. To solve this, I’ve made some changes. I’ve moved my bed out of the nook and placed it against the longer wall as you come in, and moved my chest of drawers next to it. This created more floor space and now I don’t have to awkwardly walk around my bed because it was close two walls. By catering for my occasional bad habit and or lazy tendencies, these few minor design changes to a layout have created a big impact to the space.


Brand Design


Brand design is obviously a key design area that I know for a while can easily improve a business large or small. So if you’ve been listening to me fore a while it’s no secret that brand design has the tools to help you make your product or service more attractive and trustworthy to your people online. How do we do this ? Well with research into the market, competitors and behaviour and personalities of your ideal person you wish to attract.


Emotional + Functional


Design is a large part of building a brand identity and is very different form of design. it needs to answer the research as well as be designed to create a deeper connection to make an emotional response with it’s people. we’ve heard the phrase “Design is not art and needs to functional.” Art is more intuitive, its main purpose is not to be the answer to a problem but created to provoke a thought, or emotion. I see brand design a hybrid of art and design, both practical and emotionally charged design work.




Not only does a brand design help you attract your people it also can help you establish a sense of trust and reliability with your people, online and or in person. Most people don’t realise but our buying decisions aren’t as rational as we think therefore facts and figures are great they help us understand on rational level why it’s a smart purchasing decisions. But, really we are more listening to our guy the part of brain that actually regulate feelings such as trust, like and loyalty.


So what does this all mean? all these advantages to simply having a strong brand design system built means your more likely to stand out in a crowded market place and increase loyalty with you ideal people online and ultimately see an increase in sales, by having a custom made brand design you are creating a strong foundation for your products and can start building lasting relationships with your customers. It also not only help you be perceived in the right way but also provide the person leading their small business much needed clarity. Sometime a logo design in branding is overestimated and the discussions and research and design system as a whole is underestimated.



Productivity Management Tools and Program


Lastly but not mean least a my daily management tools, I’m actually using right know to u script out this episode. You may have already heard but I’m a notion user and am a big fan of it! I know that there are countless tools available to help you manage time and tasks. And this section is really about me trying to persuade you to change etc. But rather make sure you have found the right management tool for you. Each management program is heavily crafted with functional design decisions. Personally I’ve found that notion has easily saved me time and helped me to stay on track and focused – Not just in work but also in my personal life too.



Benefits To Management Design Programs


Notion is so well designed that is has made everything so easily to use. I wont bore you going through all the practical feature it include but the things i use the most in my business is the different type of tables view in one and not have to recreate it. I can even link different content list into together into one table etc. really the possibilities are endless within notion. I know that it can be rather overwhelming to choosing the right tool fo r your needs. So always do some research and find the management tool that is designed perfectly for your needs. By investing in the right management tool you can easily streamline your workflow and even reduce daily stress, allowing you more time to focus on the things that really matter most. I’m so grateful the cleverly designed management tools as a one-person business myself they are a life saver. So if you’re not using one yet start looking around for one to use today.


In conclusion, design is a powerful force in our lives that can have a significant impact on our well-being and productivity. Whether it’s through creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space, designing a strong brand identity, or using efficient management tools, the right design choices can make all the difference. By taking the time to invest in design, we can improve our lives and business in ways we never thought possible. Design is all around us use be more mindful to it and you’ll be able to use it to your advantage. If you missed last week episode just click here!