Find out How being Accountable Leads to Success.

Find out How being Accountable Leads to Success.


Have you caught you’re self making excuses last year, for uncompleted goals and tasks because of so and so? Or many your think nahh, I’m pretty good at holding my accountable, but what you might not realise is that there is a big difference between hold yourself accountable and being are own worst critics. I’ll be using today episode to help small business owners like you and me, understand what it really means to hold yourself accountable. Why you need it if you want to be successful, what it will involve and ask from you. To see great result and transformation, we must start by keeping our word. Wonder why you’ve never accomplished all your goals every year ?! Listen to this episode on the go  – Episode. 019 available on  >>Apple Podcast<< or >>Spotify<<



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When do we achieve success?

Time: 00:47


When does a business achieve success, the moment you’re making a full time income? The moment when someone states they are successful! Or neither…well none would be right. We need to stop thinking about success as if it just happens spontaneous in the moment because it doesn’t. It’s not like one minute we’re unsuccessful and then we do one task and all of a sudden we are success. Viral post can be thought about in this way, but for business I take longer and if you hoping on going viral that not really something you can control, so you might be hopping for something that might not ever happen.


Success actually happens way before we realise it success starts in the weeks, months even when we fail we are succeeding. I’ve start this podcast not that long ago, it’s not a considered a success right now. But I’m being successful because I’m keep up with creating, editing and producing episode very week. What I’m trying say it that success is happing before you are recognised for it. Because if I didn’t commit to creating an episode every week, my podcast would surely be unreliable with the small audience I have and there for unlikely to be successful. So it’s important to remember that in order to achieve our goals our dreams our future vision, we have to hold commit to it.



Playing the victim for to long

Time: 02:22


We pass the blame because we don’t want to face the music, we don’t want to bruise our ego and say yeah that was 100% my fault that why my results look like this. But we must stop playing the victim in our businesses. As a solopreneurs we don’t usually another collage or employee to pass the blame onto when something goes wrong. So instead we pass off our own responsibilities, and look to outside circumstances that must of contributed to the issue, we try and make it more bearable more comfortable to think it wasn’t 100% our fault. We need to get comfortable knowing that we can’t control everything that happens around us, but we can use these outside circumstances as excuses. Just like when your arguing with a partner you can’t change the way he or she are feeling and specking to you, all we can do control is how you decided to response back. So essentially the only thing that we are in charge of and have full control over is our thoughts and actions. Once you truly own this you’ll have enough to do anything you put your mind to, the more you own up to full the more you’ll realise I can and will do better. If we really think about playing the victim has help you so far so leave it behind and take a new leaf to taking full responsibly.



Your promises need to hold weight

Time: 03:52


How can we hold ourselves accountable, through our promises , even through everyday life we make promises to ourselves that we break. Like before you got to bed you might say to yourself as you set your alarm I’m going to get up at 6:30 and excises. You woke by your alarm and you keep snoozing it for an hour. It’s obviously a small promise but you’ve broken it. To hold yourself more accountable in your business you need to start taking your word more seriously, with more weight behind it, otherwise your word doesn’t mean much. Your goals that you set out to so, won’t mean much. Start holding yourself accountable especially when no ones watching, this is usually the hardest times too.



Commitment Isn’t easy

Time: 04:39


To keep ourselves accountable we have to commit fully, committing to our word and to our goals, this will then helps us stop accepting problems that stand in our way and we are just focus on pushing through with more effort. It kind like a marriage, when a marriage gets hard, you fight for it to make it better, because you’ve committed. When you commit you have to remember that there will be sacrifice, when you promise yourself you would get up at 6:30 am you might have to sacrifice by turning off Netflix and actually going to bed earlier. With commitment we have to be prepared specially in business to reach our goals, there will be uncomfortable things that we might have to do in order to achieve them.




Wrapping up for New-Year Prep

Time: 05:27


That’s a wrap for today, I hope this episode has really reminded you that your goals and a plan doesn’t mean anything unless you hold yourself accountable, that mean fully committing what you set out to do this year. Hold yourself accountable is a trait it’s something you need to start implementing not just in your business but also in you everyday personal life.


Everyone who has been listening along for the last 5 weeks, I can’t wait to start seeing you all accomplish and receiving great results in your business next year. You now have the complete 5 episodes on how to prepare yourself properly for next year. It’s now time for all you self-made listens out there to start holding yourselves accountable in 2022 and achieve all your biggest goals yet. With this extra secret ingredient episode making sure all self-made listener start holding themselves accountable to achieving all their goals in 2022!



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