How to Find Your Focus and Take Back Control of Your Business



Do you feel caught up with constantly trying to improve your business. By experimenting with different approaches like traffic to your site, making a sale, gaining those likes and follows. Amongst these metric’s have you started to lose sight and connection to why you wanted to start a business in the first place? I have first hand experience so believe me when I say, I understand how easy it is to get caught up in all the how to, pro tips and best way to do something, from previous experts online. Let’s face it, it really does feed our business fomo. It’s time to focus again.


Our loss of focus doesn’t happen over night. It weakens little by little. If you are constantly implementing advice from others business owners is your business still being steered by you? So I’m taking a time out today with pro tips and how to’s. To help you just get back to the basics. What do you want from your business? I’m sharing 3 key focus questions to help you taking back control of your business. In order for you to take back control get focus on what really it is you want out of it. So that you can fall back in love with what you do, and own a business that you actually want to run.



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Are other business experts steering your business decisions?


We all hear the success stories

We all learn differently think different experience things different have different strengths and weakness. It close minded to think that there’s only one pathway to lead us all to success. You probably heard a lot of other business owners preaching there journey is the right way, and there not wrong there way is the right, but for them. This doesn’t mean that there way will be right for you though. You probably haven’t tried replicating someone else whole business journey, but it’s very likely that you have tried to implementing specific pieces of advice. Possible things like launching automated income streams, create an online course, produce a youtube channel, podcast, post on Instagram 10 times a week, making reels or Ticktoc videos etc.


The hard truth

What we have to realise is that yes all these ideas are pretty good advice and avenues that could help your business. However, what we must be more aware of is the advice you read and implement can start to manipulate the direction of your business and brand. Therefore need to be more accurately aware why we are taken on board specific ideas or advice. The reason shouldn’t just be because if it worked for some expert it should do the same for us. But because it will actually be beneficial to what you want to achieve within your business. Business is about about making money I do greatly understand that but it’s also about owning and running something that you actually want to be in charge of! Don’t build a business that you’ve built with impulsive and pressured advice.


Permission to take back control

So today I’m giving you permission to put yourself back into the diving seat of your business. Everyone is going to have a different set of rules and reason to why they think starting a youtube channel will help your business. But if you don’t want to show your face like that or feel cringy with the thought of making reels than find your own way. Find what you would rather do, or make video that you don’t find cringe! It’s not a bad idea to make reels if you want to be found on IG or ticktock but you don’t have to create them exactly like everyone else if that not you.


For example, I decided that I wanted to help people DIY there brand better, I first tried to share my branding knowledge on Instagram. This sadly did not work, I couldn’t get into any sort of in-depth discussions. So instead, I listen to different people saying youtube was the way to go, but i also heard people say that blogging isn’t dead and that podcast is on the rise. Truth be told I felt torn. Until I put myself first again, I evaluate what would be best for me. What would actually be best for what I’m good at and the way I already work. Therefore podcast was hands down the better options. But I could of listened to the youtube preachers and gone a different way. However, probably after a month of youtube creation I I probably would of got burn out from that and working with one to one clients. So remember that sometimes it’s actually about what is best for you.



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Refocusing why you want to start this business?


Your Personal Focus Objective

We will now beginning to reconnect you with the three key reasons to starting your business so you can have a clear focus to lead by. We’ll start by refocus on what’s important to you for personal reasons. At the end of the day you must have a focus. By knowing exactly why you started your business in the first place, and remembering this will help you build a business that you want. Success doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. It doesn’t have to be a direct correlation to income but rather how you intent or dream to live.


For example you might of started a business to have more free time. But you’re find yourself doing 10 hour days and working on the weekends making and filling order. Therefore your not succeeding. You might look like you are a success from the outside through making lots of sales. But you’ve not fulfilled the personal reason why you started it in the first place. However, if the main reason for starting your business was to do something that made you happy and earned a healthy living from it. Then maybe you are achieved it and doing 10 hour days doesn’t bother you!


What I’m saying is that make sure you have a clear focus, clear on why it is that you started this business. When we align business aims with something personal, we are more empowered to actually achieve it. So what was the personal reason you started your business for yourself?


What is that you want to achieve?

Moving on to what is it that you actually want to achieve within your business and career. You should know have reconnected with the personal reason you started your business now it’s time to refocus on what you want to achieve through your business. Remember to think about your long-term visions for this reason.


Do you want to become the go to expert in your industry?

Do you want to be working with high-end one to one clients?

Never trade time for money again?


This focused objective is more business related, detached from your personal alignment. But more of an accomplishment you wish to achieve within your business. Once you realise this core focused objective you’ll know exactly where you should be spending your time. What thing you should be implementing. Plus who’s advice you should be listening too. I’m not trying to sway you within this episode to never listen to anyones advice or content. But choose wisely, and pick people that are currently in position you aim or desire to be in one day. And as always doing it in your on way. Have your focused reasons will allow you to build a business that is right for you and no one else.



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Lastly who do you want to help?


Lastly who is it you want to help serve? When building a brand identity this is one of the most important areas to develop with my clients. But when focusing on a reasons to start a business it doesn’t have to be you’re core reason unless you want it to be.


Some people go into business because they feel so strongly that it’s their duty to turn a wrong into a right by standing for something or a helping a specific group of people. This may be the case for you. If not this is still a good idea to have, three different focuses, and a understand around who it is your business intends to help serve at the end of the day.


Therefore you must have a clear focus on who it is that you really want to help? What kind of person do you want your business to serve? What kind of problem are you really wanting to solve? What wrong do you really want to make a right?


It’s time to answer these three key reasons for starting your business. Remind yourself before starting something that an expert has advised you to do! And before implementing anything always ask yourself will it bring me close to my why, goals and objectives for starting this business? Because at the end of the day it difficult to build a business, there’s not point in struggling to build one that doesn’t fulfil your needs or achieve your interpretation of success.



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Find your focus and fall back in love with your business today!


There you have it three key focus questions to help you understand the direction you want to build your business in. No more wasting your time with launches and reels that doesn’t achieve your idea of success. You now have the exact questions to understand what type of business that will grant you the lifestyle you want, the business success you wish to achieve and the people you want to help. No more online content and advice swaying you in different directions build a business that you want to own and enjoy running! Not sure how to build an ideal customer profile for your brand? Go listen to episode 007 on the BrandMade Podcast.