The Five Common Branding Myths

Top Five Common Branding Myths


We are cutting through all the BS today, by debunking the top five common branding myths I’ve heard about and read online. Because there are some crazy things people have been saying and even worse other people are now believing! Branding is topic that even I’m guilty of it, it really has been chew up, mulled over and over again and spat back out. But I’m sure in todays episode you’ll be able to recognise at least one myth you’ve actually thought was true at some point and one you’ve heard that might be subconsciously holding you back in your small business.



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Your logo & visual design is your whole brand


I’m starting with the most obvious and myth, to easy you all in this week. This is a myth about your logo is your brand. Now before you hit pause or skip this episode, I know you’ve probably been told this or read this close to 100 times, but have you actually been taking this advice on board? We can get so caught up in having the best logo look and can spend hours of time either DIY it yourself or hiring a professional! It’s time to stop putting all your brand hopes and dream into one element. And realise that your brand is so much bigger than your logo or, fonts and colours, these are all your brand identity. These act as signals or identifier if you will for your people to recognise you and become familiar with you. But for a brand to be impactful create change and really stand the test of time it needs substance it needs meaning it need to stand for something. These design element should be selected shaped and moulded intentions aligned with this. So please don’t think I know my brand is more the logo it about fonts and colour and my website it’s even more than that it about meaning!


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Branding does not create ROI


The next myth that’s been said is branding does not create ROI. This one grinds my gears, because honestly it does, why do you think big businesses spend thousands and hundreds of pounds investing in there brand If it didn’t create ROI? A major part of it is about the strategy and communication. If you can’t devise a meaningful and clever way to bridge your brand to your people then you’ll find it hard to not only makes sales and gain leads, but to also build a community and gain feelings like trust and loyalty from people. Branding does influence ROI the part that make people falsely believing that it doesn’t is because it difficult to calculate with data on how much ROI it produces. If you would like to know fully how branding influences your sales go listen to episode 36 where I spill the beans.



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Don’t have to do anything more with your brand once you’ve worked with a brand designer.


I don’t know if this is so much a myth or something that business owners jump to conclusions, by believe once they work with a brand designer they don’t have to do any more branding stuff! Although essentially yes your brand has been created, this doesn’t been you can sign off because you’re involvement is never done with your brand. Brand specially with social media have to stay flexible and keep evolve over time, it more likely your business will change in the next 3 to 5 year than not. And that ok, actually that’s a good thing it show you evolving and keep up with the world, making your brand still has that fresh new feeling still. So no your not done with branding once you work with a brand designer you have a brand after that project you become your own brands custodian. It’s like the designer go you build you this gorgeous house and gave you the keys and then you didn’t take of it you sort never tidied up let the garden grow wild etc, same goes for your brand it wont survive if you don’t do take regular care of it.



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Branding & Marketing are the same thing


Branding and marketing have forever been getting tied up and wish washy! Although they work very closely together, they do have different responsibilities and approach. The key thing here is to remember that you’re branding is the emotional connection the deeper and more long term overview and the reason for why you exist. Your marketing is more focus on your tactics to gain as many eyes as possible! One does the pushing out content as best as possible which is your marketing and you branding is the pull the part of your business that speaks to your audience hearts rather than minds! So essentially really can’t have one without the other. If you want to know more about the difference between branding and marketing I have done a full episode on that I think it’s episode 34.



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There’s only ONE RIGHT way to brand your business


This one does make me smile, and make me cringe. Because really building a brand is all about perception and what you want to achieve or say. So theoretically there is not one right way to build a brand, there are so many different way to build a brand that could be strong, impactful. But the important key thing here is that it should reflect of what you offer, what you value in business and what you aim to achieve. Brand must have research into who their ideal people are and what makes them tick as well as knowing who their competitors are what are they doing and how can you build a brand strategy that differentiates them as well as resonating with their ideal people? So it’s so much less about the one right way it’s just finding the right way that work for your business type, who your ideal people are about what feels right for you, because a the end of the day, like I just previously mention you are going to the custodian of your own brand no one else.



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Set the book straight for others


So just to wrap this episode up, your brand is so much more than the visual look, your brand does create ROI, you’re not done with your brand after working with a brand designer you become your own brand custodian, branding and marketing work hand in hand they both have different approaches and responsibilities, there is only one right way to build your brand nope there a few different ways but we try and find the best way for your people and you that will work. So if you hear anyone whisper or imply any of these branding myth you can set the book straight! Or just ignore it from know on because you know better! Thank you for listening again if you would like to learn more about marketing go check out episode 34.