How To Reduce Brand Comparison

How to Reduce Brand Comparison

I want to kick off this episode by asking you When was the last time you compared your brand to someone else’s? Maybe you were scrolling through instagram, maybe you landed on a competitors site. Wherever it was you probably felt this pang of jealousy in the pit of your tummy. And had thought such as “ Their brand looks so much better than mine.” Brand Comparison is really a horrible cycle to get yourself in!


It can be difficult to not compare your own brand with others. I’ve been there, brand comparisons is just like any thought of comparison. It can conjure some horrible emotions such as doubt, inadequate and worst of all worry that whether you not doing enough. Obviously I can’t see your brand and give you pointers to improve, if you’ve been experiencing a lot of brand comparison. There are few things you may need to take care of

So whether your passion lies in business with handmade products or custom 1 to 1 services. In todays episode I want to take you through three ways you can reduce brand comparison. Plus I’ll share with you all, how you can rationally look at Brand comparison



Brand Checks


First I want you take the time and think about if. You have taken the time to do in-depth brand strategy? This would include things like who are your ideal customers or clients ? Your brand values, Personality, Mission and purpose. Brand strategy is the foundation to your brand. You don’t really have anything to build your brand upon

If you’ve gone straight to Pinterest, gathered a few images of brand designs you liked. And used this to build your brand. Then it sound like you accidentally jumped the gun a little don’t worry this is a common mistake specially with DIY brands.



Why Brand Strategy Is So Important


The reason why not having a brand strategy in place first. Can heighten brand comparison is because. You may be lacking some brand confidence. Without strategy it’s likely you’ll be unsure why you’ve picked certain things for your brand in the first place


Therefore as soon as you see a brand that you think. quote on quote looks better you start to compare it with your own. And you have no logical reasoning to back up your won brand. You can’t really pinpoint and day say my brand is like this because of XYZ.


Friendly reminder strategy provides you the substance and foundation you need to reduce brand comparisons. You can appreciate other brands and reasons that your brand is the way it is because it works for your people for your values etc.



Evaluate This Brand Comparison


Instead of spiralling the next time you see a brand you believed to be better than your own. Just challenge this comparison a little further. Put some pressure on it and weight the validity of it. Ask yourself a few questions:


What is it about this brand that I like so much?
Would my ideal people be drawn to this brand?
Would this brand suit my business type?
Does this brand look better due to being more consistency?
What is this brand doing better apart from the look?
Would this brand work from my brand strategy?



Don’t Copy Other Brands


Comparison shouldn’t always make us feel inadequate. It can also be a good way to appreciate other small businesses. Feel inspired and actually help us improve, but not by copying others look and feel and hoping it will work. Because chance of you be in the same position the next week with another brand.

But when we compare we can also take pointers and make small improves. I’ve found brands that highly consistent brands can come across more professional and memorable. Therefore maybe double check you’re staying consistent with fonts, colours across all your online platforms.



With Strategy You Gain More Focus


Another thing that can make us feel like another brand is better than ours is their focus. We’re all guilt from time to time loosing our focus. So it’s a good practise to remind yourself what your brand values, mission and people are. Brands that waver around and about this can feel flaky and not trustworthy. So make sure you stay ultra clear. Having clarity not only helps your people understand what your brand is about. But it can also help reduce brand comparison. When you are clear we can but blinkers on focus on what you are doing and less like to allow other brands to distract us and our vision.


So if you haven’t already, start building you brand strategy or refresh yourself today
And stop being caught up in the brand comparison cycle today. If you like mindfulness tips have a little listen or read to this episode next!