How to Stay on Brand with Video Content

Video Content - Promo


Have you published in the last week a video on your social media account? Maybe it was you dancing around in your kitchen to a song. Or you cleverly pointing to different pieces of text on time with a background music? Or saying lip miming with a voice over. Are you shocked by the amount of views and traction it got. So you’re producing video content tills it’s coming out of your ears.


It’s amazing to see business owners using video content to boost their brand awareness and increase engagement. But at the same time I see you forgetting to take into consideration your brand personality when crafting these videos. You know how important it is to stay consistent with your branding, and you do this using similar colours, fonts on your static posts. But with video it’s a little tricker there’s definitely more freedom to be had, but you still need to create on brand content, so that not only your video content increase awareness but also reinforces your brand perception.


The need to be intentional with your video content trends you pick and the personality your presenting should still match up with your brand identity. Not sure how to go about this? You’ll learn exactly how you can use video content intentionally within your brand identity, by introducing a video content brand approach. So that you can keep producing highly effective video content that engages, resonates with your audience but do this for the sake of compromising your brand personality or values.



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Video Content Introduction


Advantage of Video Brand

The boom of video it here, with 86% of businesses using video content to promote their brand. We love a bit of binge watching reels or ticktock videos. And businesses just like you are using that to your advantage! Video includes sight, sound and motion that’s why we are more likely to be drawn towards it, because our eyes are attracted to movement therefore it naturally drawn’s our attention in… so much so it’s hard to snap out of the reel scroll.


So we know branded video content has helped businesses break through the noise and win peoples attention online. What other advantages has it got?Well branded videos that use a narrative to drive sales, rather than saleys content is more effective. Because we don’t really like it when we feel like we are being sold to. You might not even realise it but you’ve probably already been using storytelling to entertain and inform your audience. Brand videos offer you a great way to show that you are passionate and knowledgeable enough about your product or service. You can keep them entertained for longer, therefore engaged and interacting with your brand for longer and it doesn’t feel like selling to your viewers.



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Video Content Problems


The Common issues that arise with video content

So I’m not trying to make feel worried or be overly conscious about what type of branded video content you publish. Because there should be freedom. But ultimately my aim is for you to be more intentional. The reason I say this is because your branded video content can be gaining great tractions and number of views. But these can be more vanity metrics, and getting viewed on the back of a trend. Your videos aren’t resonating or being watched by your ideal audience than they are worth producing. So yes trendy video are ok, but remember to be linking them how it can work with your business and or if it’s right for you’re brand.


Because the video content your publish can unfortunately, dilute your brand values, weaken your brand perception and muddy your brand personality. This happen when you aren’t staying in keeping with your brand identity. Your brand identity, shouldn’t ever be put in the corner like baby! It can come down to mainly the type of video content styles you are choosing to create. Most small business owners are usually more of a personal brand. So showing your face is great and personal. But, it cringe when you can tell someone felt awkward and stiff making the video. I agree we do have to learn and practise and start somewhere. But, chances are if your a personal brand you probably haven’t choose a brand personality that isn’t too dissimilar to your own. Therefore it’s best to stay true to who you are. Then feeling like you need to become someone else on a reel.


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On Brand Video Content Approach


Video content brand approach

First of to create on brand video content approach we need to revisit your brand strategy. This is looking a specific elements such as, Values, archetype, personality, tone of voice visuals language. And using all this information to produce guideline for how you should come across in video. It’s probably easier to write down a list if focus words that, relate to your brand identity and will help guide you when producing video content. For example if your brand personality isn’t suppose to be happy and clappy and instead your brand aura is more tranquil and ethical then maybe consider staying away from the big loud and high energy trending videos. So maybe you would have on your list calm, simple, therefore maybe have less noise in the background in your video shoots. Little things like this will help you’re brand video feel consistent.


Your Video purpose 

Make sure that you create a video strategy, take the time to work out the main purpose for how you’ll use video. Do you want to share stories, entertain or educate? Which type of content would best suits your brand and business? You have the chance to show online customers another facet to your brand make sure your using it to it’s fullest potential. Because people in general want to see helpful content. I’m not suggesting that you’ve video look needs to be polished, because actually people like to see more real video they look more authentic. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making content for content sake. The take away here is make video with a purpose and know clearly what that purpose is before publishing.


Creating Original Video Content

Don’t see video content as, just an opportunity to recreate other people video content ideas. We’ve all use trends and that fine, but create your own originally. Think or if you’re a visual person like myself mind map how you would like to use video and what best way would suit your brand. Maybe showing your face in video isn’t always necessary. An visual pleasing animations or scenery footage is something that is better for your brand or business. Don’t be afraid to do use video content differently for your business, there’s not hard rule. Other than keeping it consistent with your brand identity.


Video Content Evaluation Questions

Before you hit the publish button to upload your video content please evaluate!! Make a list of questions to ask yourself, some I would include are:


Does this piece of video content have a purpose?

Does it reinforce my brand perception?

Does it feel match my brand personality

Will it actually entertain, inform or help my ideal viewers?

If you’re not hitting these objective then it might not be worth creating or publishing.



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Start making on brand videos!


We are going to call it there, I tell you being a solopreneur’s is a lot, and video content can feel like another draining thing to add to your forever growing to-do list. That why I’m making sure that the content you are spending time on producing is working as hard and doing the best for you and your brand. To summaries today we covered why video help brands, how it can affect your brand when not done intentionally. And finally how to customise your whole brand video content approach with my actionable steps. Take everything I said on board, but for one thing don’t stop posting videos! Learn for your mistakes and if you don’t have a brand strategy to refer back to. Then go listen to episode 03 On The BrandMade Podcast, and learn how to build your brand strategy in 5 simple steps.