Podcast Anniversary: Find Out About Our Studio Updates!

Brand Studio Updates

Hi all my listeners it will have been a year tomorrow when I first launched the first Brand Made Podcast Trailer. Plus it’s my 50th episode to date. I would just like to take this moment to just thank all of you who have been listening to my podcast and supporting me on social media. I really do hope these weekly episodes have been providing you with helpful advice and insights in everything from branding, small business hood, intentional living and design. Let’s get into all my current updates !



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Here are my current updates


I thought as it’s been already a whole year I’d like to use this episode to open up and share some of my big however small design studio updates. As some of you may know I’m a Brand Designer and Strategist. Few of you may have browsed my oliviagoodenough.com website. One of my biggest changes I will be making in the next coming months is a brand over-haul.



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Re-branding Overhaul is in the Works


If you had a listen to episode 47 Is it time to do a complete re-brand I did already mention it on there. So you may be wondering why am I rebranding? There are many reasons, and believe me when I say this was a very difficult decisions for me to make. Re-branding is a long process and if you’ve created a community you don’t want to effect this in anyway. However, since my brand was created a while ago and been pivoting from my freelance days. I could see that It wasn’t as effective as it could be.



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The Reason for my re-branding decisions


Let’s get a little more specific so my brand will soon be making updates by changing from Olivia Goodenough, to Onslow Studio. The reasons for the switch is because I personally would like some detachment from my creative design studio. I’m building my brand right for my people and my own needs, personal branding wasn’t something I planned. It sort of happened with so many influencers and personal brands you feel like you really do have to show your face everyday to create a connection. And well I realised that on more than on a few occasions identifying my brand name as more of personal was actually far more holding me back than I realised. I’ve made a concise decisions to build a brand that instead focused on me, but more so on the designs I’ve created, services I want to offer and the brand knowledge I share. There without feeling like need to constantly rely on showing up with my face everywhere! and instead allowing my work my brand to speak for me.



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My Brand Service and Solutions Updates


My second update I’ve made is my offering. Now that I have had a few clients I have a better understand around what I want my offer to be. I’ve also reviews my current 1 to 1 brand services and felt that they seem a little complicated on my website. I decided it was time to give myself the space and time to sit down a re-organise my offering from the ground up again. Working out what in high demand and what service do I really want to offer.



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Income Streams and Restructuring


Along side of this I’ve realised that I want to include more updates by implement other income streams that meant I didn’t have to rely on being booked backed to back with one to one clients. I also knew I wanted to introduce not only a shop section but cost-conscious options for small business owners who are feeling lost and excluded from having a professional looking brand just because they don’t have the 4 figure budget. Therefore a tired system is what I will be upgrading to, so that I can include to provide alternative brand solutions rather than ultimatums and really just helping small brands get off the ground without feeling the need to go into debt or to invest in a professional brand designer before they actually feel ready to.



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Include a Personal Creative Exploration Section


I also have realise I wanted to include a space to share my own initiated art projects without a client. Whether that’s illustrations for decor, prints for apparel etc. I pondered for a while if my own personal exploration should be a separate entity aways from my creative brand studio. I decided against this as it would be setting up a whole new website and domain etc. Plus I like the idea of having everything streamlined and consistent in one hub. Everything that I create under one roof, this is why I’ve will be launching two shop sections, one the brand market and the other Onslow the label. The label with showcase works and allow people to purchase downloadable prints and small apparel etc. The brand market will be templates and other small brand packages.



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Giving Advice Simple, Taking Your Own Advice is Hard!


Due to doing these weekly podcast episodes I too have learnt even more. I’ve also realised a lot of the time it’s really easy to hand out advice, but to actually take onboard your own advice can be very difficult. Once I decided rebranding a coupe was my only option, I went back to the drawing board and let go of my previous identity. I went in with an open mind and decided to work at it from the ground up again. Doing this process as made me get ultra focused about who I want to work with and the people I want to help.



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Your Business Will Change and That’s Ok!


I understand how difficult it is to start a small business. I hope you can take some advice that where you start doesn’t mean where you end. Make changes and updates in both what you offer how you look can be scary. But, if it feels right it probably will be! I hope you’re excited to see my new and improved brand. It’s currently in constructing mode right now, will give you further updates in the future. I hope you enjoyed this business update and I appreciate you all for come back to listen to the brand mad podcast. See you again next week with regularly schedule brand help!