Introducing The BrandMade Podcast

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What to Expect From The BrandMade Podcast


Introducing The BrandMade Podcast! What to expect when you tune into the BrandMade podcast, I’ll be your host every week! Obviously, you might have already guessed I’ll be talking about all things branding! Get ready to build, grow and improve your small brand to make a big impact online. I’ll be sharing unmissable brand knowledge, headache saving advice plus design tips to make your brand look and feel swoon-worthy. A new episode will be uploaded every Wednesday so come listen, learn and do! Because actionable steps – time-saving tips – are guaranteed.


In later episodes I hope to answer your current questions, so if you have any brand-related problems or a specific area you want to discuss in a later episode then please do get in touch with me on my agony aunt style section >>click here<< on my website, it’s a completely free service. And I’ll start answering your solutions to your problems on The BrandMade Podcast.


The BrandMade Podcast Why?


I want to take the time to share a few reasons as to why I’ve started The BrandMade Podcast. First of the purpose of this podcast is to provide support to small business owners building a small online brand. I’m aware that at the beginning of starting a business everyone has different size budgets and that investing 6 figures at the start might not be something everyone feels ready or comfortable doing just yet. So instead of providing an ultimatum, I want to provide options, and instead of fear-mongering you into investing because you are aware of that whole money vs time debate, I want you to have the power to choose. I wanted to provide you with helpful branding support so that you can learn, do and grow at your own pace.


I wanted to start this podcast to offer business owners real actionable steps so that you can leave each episode feeling like not only you’ve learnt how important something is but know how to put it into practice. I feel like a lot of the time the information or content we read informs us how important or significant something is, but not including the tools or the steps to put it into action, making that info pretty useless. Plus with all the algorithms, keyword terminology and search engines if you don’t what to ask about online you just stay oblivious to it. There’s are saying ‘sometimes you don’t know what I don’t know.’ That’s why I’ll be including in my episodes valuable pieces of information that you wouldn’t ever think to google!


Finally, the last reason why I want to do this is that not only do have brand-building experience and in-depth knowledge. I have also had to learn how to grow and build a small business over the years. I aim to provide you with honest advice and share some of my first-hand experiences to not only save you from tears of frustration, headaches but also really save you bags of time.


Why I Choose the Podcast Platform?


Really when it comes to deciding what platform you want to use you have a choice of three, a Blog, Youtube or Podcast. I evaluated these platforms on how much time it would take, what plays towards my strengths and the level of connection it can make and reachability. A blog is of course great for SEO. But I’m well aware that writing a post takes time and even though it could be considered as the quickest option, personally for me I felt it would be. I also felt that with a blog it’s hard to build a deeper connection with my people. However, due to the SEO advantages that blogging has, I decided I would include a blog within my site and use it in conjunction with one of the other two platforms.


Youtube provides a great amount of scope and creativity with a big search engine that increases the chance of discovery. However, the equipment to set up a Youtube video is not cheap! I do enjoy video editing, however filming and editing, I could see becoming very time consuming and take up a huge chuck out of my workday. I want to make sure the support I wanted to provide wasn’t going to interfere with my 1:1 client project time. Therefore decided against Youtube for the moment, still an option for the future.


Last but no means least is Podcasting, I’ve never done or been on a podcast before so the unknown of it is a little intimidating, plus the thought of listening to your voice makes everyone cringe. But I realise this platform has its advantage, for instance not needing to look presentable is definitely a perk! Although, I did buy an Audio Technica microphone and headphones the equipment investment is far less expensive than Youtube to actually start. Plus I have heard some people have just used the apple earphones with the wire, it has a small mic on it obviously not the best quality but is an option if you don’t want to invest straight away! I realised I already had a free editing software called Garage Band, I believe it comes on most macs, so it’s free and had already previously used it. I knew with podcasting I’d have to write a script, and although this does take time. It’s a bit different than writing a blog post, it can be less accurate more chatty and punctuation isn’t an issue. Plus the audio in each episode can be used as show-notes for the blog to boost that SEO, and can also embed my audio files into each post so that my audience can decide which way of learning suits their needs.


I regularly listen to a podcast and usually once you start listening you usually start to do something else, like eat your lunch, tidy up, preparing food. Whatever it is, once you’ve pressed play you are less like to stop it. You’re zoned in and tuned out, and listening to my voice allows me to build a deeper connection. With a blog, it can take up more energy and time scrolling, skim reading etc. I know that my people don’t have time for it! So if your ready to build a strong brand start listening to the BrandMade Podcast that is now live on >>Spotify<< or >>Apple Podcast<<.